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Technical and contractual practical solution designed to meet easily the requirements of source deposit

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Customer interface and highly secure transfers. Data encryption. Off-line storage in 2 data centers in France

Hosted in France AES-256


Internationally recognized processes and contracts in the 177 signatory countries of the Berne Convention

IP protection Multilingual

CONTINEW escrow platform


Software escrow agreement CONTINEW

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40 € excl. tax / month

Our strengths


A single contract to manage all files and folders

Release provisions

Conditions to access sources


Simplified management of beneficiaries


High security platform

Continuous deposit

Easy connection to versioning platforms

Budget under control

Subscription or per unit – Secure online payment

And also...


Supported platforms

The development of your applications is based on a management software version (version control system) or a DevOps platform? To facilitate the repositories of your sources and versions, the main ones collaborative solutions such as GitHub, Git Lab, Bitbucket... interface very simply with the services of CONTINEW

Automated and up-to-date repositories
Integrated with Developer Workflows
No coding required

GitHub integration escrow software entiercement logiciel


Web hosting and software development management service. World leader.

Bitbucket integration escrow software entiercement logiciel


Bitbucket is the Git solution for professional teams.

Gitlab integration escrow software entiercement logiciel


Open Source and complete solution to host Git projects.

Microsoft Azure integration escrow software entiercement logiciel

Microsoft Azure

Cloud services application platform


CONTINEW’s solutions for source deposit and escrow agreement provide simple and comprehensive solutions to customers’ source deposit requirements and guarantee needs, while protecting the intellectual property of editors and developers.

Escrow Agreement Express France developer

Software escrow agreement for developers and editors

Developers / Editors Depositor 2P Contract

Choose the source code deposit suited to your customers’ requirements. A technical and contractual response, 100% online, for software developers and editors


Software Escrow Agreement France users

Software escrow agreement for users of specific developments

Users Beneficiary 3P Contract

Choose the escrow agreement with a tri-partite contract to guarantee the availability and sustainability of your specific software and developments


System Escrow Agreement France

System escrow agreement

Users Beneficiary 3P Contract

Choose the system escrow agreement and ensures continuity and sustainability of your company’s key products, devices and equipments


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CONTINEW provides companies with solutions for escrow agreement, software escrow, source code deposit and digital asset protection

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