Terms of use

Terms of use

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Continew proposes on this website information and products which are covered in the general conditions hereafter. By accessing this website, you accept to respect them. Continew reserves the right to modify these general conditions, as well as the products, services, prices, and programs mentioned on this website, at any moment, at its sole discretion, and without prior warning. Continew reserves the right to take any necessary legal action at its disposal in the case of the non-respect of these conditions. All the rights not expressly granted in the present letter are reserved.


The information presented on this website is protected by copyright.

No part of this website can be used or reproduced in any way without the expressed written consent of Continew.


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Use of the information of this website

Unless it is specifically stated otherwise on this website, you are not authorized to publish, print, copy, or distribute the documents of this website.

Guarantees, exclusions and limits of responsibility

Unless otherwise figuring in a contract that you will have signed with Continew, the totality of the information of this website are furnished as is, without guarantees nor conditions expressed or implied in any way and, notably, without guarantees nor conditions implied concerning the quality of the merchandise, the adequacy for a particular use and of non-imitation.

Continew rejects any responsibility concerning errors or omissions in the information, the software programs, or other documents to which this website refers or that it permits to access by link. This website may contain technical or other inexactitudes. The information that it contains is regularly modified. However, Continew makes no commitment to update the elements of this website.

Links to Continew web site

Continew authorizes anyone who would so desire to create a link towards its website, under the reserve that this person respect the general conditions hereafter.A website including a link towards the website of Continew:

1 – is authorized to establish a link towards the content of the website of Continew, but not to reproduce it

2 - is not authorized to create a border environment or browser around the content of the website of Continew

3 – must not present wrongful or erroneous information concerning the services or products of Continew

4 – must not wrongly present the relationship between Continew and the creator of the link

5 – must not imply that Continew approves ou sponsors the creator of the link, nor his services or products

6 – must not use the logos or commercial information of Continew without the expressed written consent of Continew

7 – must not include any content that could be interpreted as obscene, calumnious, defamatory, pornographic ou inappropriate for any age

8 - must not include any illegal content

9 – must accept to delete the link at any moment as requested by Continew, if Continew decides to exercise its reserved right to annul its consent concerning the existence of the link.